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Informative, provocative and entertaining, Get Conscious Now! is a nationally syndicated television talk show that is dedicated to making a global impact to build a better world by raising consciousness. Our Mission is to explore the true nature of our physical reality and it’s practical implications for living a more mindful and enjoyable life.

We are dedicated to exploring the many shifting paradigms that are occurring today, offering a wide range of today’s most compelling topics. In addition to science and spirituality, the show also addresses what it means to be conscious in the areas of business, finance, health, medicine, politics, the arts and more. The guests interviewed are leading experts in their respective fields of expertise. Although the subject matter is varied, the common thread for all guests is their understanding that consciousness, and not the material world, is the essence of all being and the ultimate source of life itself.

This new way of perceiving the world goes way beyond the ‘bottom line’ as we know it. As the famed physicist Max Planck once noted, “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

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Co-hosts of the show

Your co-hosts are Patricia Diorio and Stuart Zimmerman, two open-hearted, vigilant truth-seeking practitioners who love to share wisdom and serve others in their evolution. Borne from the inspirational talk radio show of the same name on Women’s Radio, hosted by Patricia Diorio and Patty DeDominic, GCN! speaks to the practical implications of awakening, as people become conscious of their true nature: spiritual beings having a human experience.

This conversation is being significantly substantiated by the scientific community through the work of quantum physicists and scientists from all branches of science. Reflected in movies like The Secret, What the Bleep Do We Know?, and I AM, the relevance of being conscious is beginning to impact every sector of society.

“Get Conscious Now” … a change for the better!

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