Quantum Quotes: Seek Love Within

“Seek love: if you can’t find it, look within your own heart first. If you stumble on your way, let hope be your guide. If you become lost, let faith help you find your way back.”
Robert Clancy

Kitty and Patricia DiorioI believe that the most important work we can ever do in life is to love ourselves and to love ourselves first and foremost. Loving others and being open to receiving love from others must begin with Self love, in my opinion.

Often lessons in learning to love ourselves come in unexpected ways, in my case through my kitty, Joy Lovie. Before I tell you the whole story, let me share a very intimate piece of my personal history that some of you may relate to…

Most of us have not been taught to love ourselves, especially in the boomer generation, because self love has often been collapsed with self importance and even selfishness.

My personal situation was further compounded by a very traumatic molestation that happened when I was 7, at a time when I was completely immersed in the dogma of the Catholic Church around mortal sins. This event was the source of my self-loathing and it informed my entire life, but it was also the impetus for finding God and for my career as a spiritual counselor.

In all transparency, learning to love myself has been my greatest challenge. However, I’ve made great progress and I continue to have breakthroughs. In fact, I’d like to share a personal story that happened recently about how my little kitty, Joy Lovie, taught me an important lesson in fully loving myself.

I ‘m an animal lover, but I adore cats! I have two: a big black affectionate male named Harmony Magic and a slight little tortoise -shell female, named Joy Lovie, who has always been very skittish and fearful, hiding from people until she gets to know them. Admittedly, Harmony has always been my favorite and I have showered him with most of my love and affection. Much more than Joy Lovie, I’m sad to say.

Well 10 days ago, I had my carpets cleaned and although I thought she was safe on an enclosed porch, she freaked out and ran out the cat door, which she has never done. In seven years she has never ventured outside.

She was missing for 7 excruciating days in the hills of Summerland, coyote country. I was devastated and did everything possible to find her papering the neighborhood with flyers, walking door to door. My own inner guidance and also the guides I work with continually told me that she was ok and would return. As much as I wanted to believe this I really thought I had lost her.

This past Wed. night as I was deeply in my grief, I realized how much I loved this little cat and yet I had not expressed it throughout her life. It was then that my guides spoke to me and told me that she was a metaphor for how I have not fully loved myself. They told me that this was my lesson, this was the gift in this experience. I wept with the realization that she had to be sacrificed for me to get this lesson. They told me then again that she would return and I finally began to trust their words and be hopeful.

What happened next was nothing less than a miracle. I got up, closed my journal, walked into my bedroom and within seconds heard her cry just out my bedroom window. She had found her way home! I was ecstatic and in a whole new place of loving her and…myself!

“Seek love: if you can’t find it, look within your own heart first. If you stumble on your way, let hope be your guide. If you become lost, let faith help you find your way back.”
Robert Clancy

And so I did…

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