Stu’s Views: Spiritual Nudity

In many ways, consciousness… and life, itself… is simply a game. So, let’s play a game of consciousness, shall we?

How about the timeless game of “You show me yours, I’ll show you mine?” After all, consciousness is timeless!

We can call this game… “Spiritual Nudity!”… in which we bare our souls.

Given that I brought it up, I’ll go first.

personal-growth“I am, first and foremost, an energy being, an aspect of and inseparable from the Source of All Things. No matter how often I forget or am otherwise distracted from this Truth. I am here to experience a full spectrum of vibrations, sensations and emotions in this vehicle of a physical human body. Complete with all the ups and downs, spills and thrills that one can find in an amusement park.

Yet, at the core, I am not these experiences or the stories created around them.
That said, I do have the innate tendency to gravitate towards a feeling of delight and joy, perhaps for no reason other than, “I can.” And it does feel soooo delicious!

I am here to love… not only because it’s soooo delicious… which it is… but simply because it’s true. I do love this life, this 3-D dimension in all its beauty, splendor and wonder, notwithstanding all the violence, conflict and bizarre judgments of the people ostensibly in power on this planet. And I am here to share this love, expand this love with other loving beings.

So, to recap my naked truth… I am an energy that migrates toward delight here to have a mostly joyful experience in this reality… with all the other emotions and life experiences providing enough texture and contrast to stimulate a deep sense of gratitude for all the richness this world does offer.

What a blessing this life is! A true vacation from being formless!

So… I showed you mine. Now it’s your turn. Bare your naked soul. Who or what are you at the core of your being? And what are you here to be?

And, imagine if all of humanity were to play this game of consciousness and stripped down to Spiritual Nudity… Would we shift from Original Sin to Original Synergy?

Let’s grin… and bare it!

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