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Get Conscious Now! December 2015: Conscious Wealth with Seth Streeter

CEO of Mission Wealth, Seth Streeter shares his insights Patricia and Stu concerning the true nature of wealth and living an inspired life. Informative, practical, transformational… and entertaining! Get Conscious Now! also makes an evergreen appeal for financial support to take the program to the next level. We appreciate your support!!!

Get Conscious Now! November 2015: Soul Shifts with Dr. Barbara De Angelis

Best-selling author and a “mother of the personal growth movement”, Dr. Barbara De Angelis shares her insights and practices of vibrational presence with Patricia and Stu in this enlightening episode. If you want to live a richer, more delicious life NOW, this program is for you!!! And, of course, on point segments of Stu’s Views and Quantum Quotes provide the icing on this most tasty program. Bon Appetit!

Get Conscious Now! October 2015: Being Aware with Lisa Garr

TV and Radio Host Lisa Garr joins Patricia and Stu to discuss how awareness can change our lives individually and collectively. We also explore the power of the media to accelerate human evolution. This program is dedicated to a trailblazer in conscious media and Lisa’s personal mentor, Wayne Dyer.

Get Conscious Now! July 2015: It Takes Guts to Be Happy with Julia Loggins

Noted toxicologist and wellness professional, Julia Loggins joins Patricia and Stu to share the scientific findings of the link between a healthy digestive system and happiness. She discusses the impact of sugar, protein and alkalinity on our health and happiness that appear in her new book, “It Takes Guts to be Happy”. Lively conversation that will leave you… happier and healthier!

Get Conscious Now June 2015: Flowing in Life Consciously with Justin Faerman

Co-Founder of Conscious Lifestyle Magazine, Justin Faerman, is a 30-something wise beyond his years. Justin joins Patricia and Stu to share his insights on creating flow in our lives. Practical, grounded and engaging convo! Ever-stimulating, Stu’s Views offers a cosmic Pledge of Allegiance for a true Independence Day and Patricia winds up the program with another profound Quantum Quote.

Get Conscious Now! May 2015: Keeping the Waters Flowing with Marshall Golden Eagle Jack

Native American Elder, Marshall Golden Eagle Jack joins Patricia and Stu to share his wisdom about healing our water supply. A vibrational healer, Marshall brings ancient knowledge about energy and health to the show with warmth and engaging storytelling. And, as always, we have Stu’s Views and Quantum Quotes segments that are to live for!

Get Conscious Now! March 2015: Social Evolution through Social Media with Tracy Repchuk

Social Media Expert Tracy Repchuk illuminates us with possibilities as to how we can use social media to make a real difference in the world! Engaging and provocative, Stu’s Views and Patricia’s Quantum Quotes put the exclamation point on the potential for individual and social evolution.

Get Conscious Now! Feb 2015: Sexual Freedom and Self-Acceptance with Amy Jo Goddard

Sexual Empowerment Coach Amy Jo Goddard shares her insights and wisdom about sexuality and authenticity with Patricia and Stu. Amy Jo courageously challenges and inspires us to evolve sexually, transcending shame, guilt and other limiting beliefs that keep us from a more fulfilling life. Great conversation! Another sensational Stu’s Views (foreshadowing here) and Quantum Quotes round out another riveting program! Tell us your thoughts.

Get Conscious Now! Jan 2015: Adam C. Hall

Real estate investment manager and author of “The Earth Keeper: Undeveloping the Future,” Adam C. Hall joins Patricia and Stu to share his insights into consciousness and preserving nature… and doings so through a for-profit corporation! Adam is at the forefront of merging unity awareness and commerce. He’s a beautiful being who walks his talk – so check out his talk on GCN! And, yet another consciously-witty Stu’s Views and profound Quantum Quotes segment tops off this engaging episode.

Get Conscious Now! Dec 2014: Natalie Pace

Financial advisor and author Natalie Pace joins Patricia and Stu to share insights from her latest book, The Gratitude Game: 21 days to a healthier, wealthier, more beautiful You. It’s not only a relevant conversation… it offers daily practices you can do today. With another heart- and mind-opening Stu’s Views and Quantum Quotes, you will love this program! Share with your friends!