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Get Conscious Now! October 2015: Being Aware with Lisa Garr

TV and Radio Host Lisa Garr joins Patricia and Stu to discuss how awareness can change our lives individually and collectively. We also explore the power of the media to accelerate human evolution. This program is dedicated to a trailblazer in conscious media and Lisa’s personal mentor, Wayne Dyer.

Stu’s Views: Spiritual Nudity

In many ways, consciousness… and life, itself… is simply a game. So, let’s play a game of consciousness, shall we?

How about the timeless game of “You show me yours, I’ll show you mine?” After all, consciousness is timeless!

We can call this game… “Spiritual Nudity!”… in which we bare our souls.

Given that I brought it up, I’ll go first. Continue reading

Get Conscious Now! September 2015: Cipher Your Soul with Robert Clancy

Robert Clancy is the author of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Soul and Guide to the Soul Facebook community, author of Soul Cyphers: Decoding a Life of Hope and Happiness, inspirational speaker and successful marketing and branding entrepreneur. At age 19, Robert had a divine spiritual experience that greatly altered his life-path. His life fell apart when several friends committed suicide or died in car accidents. Simply giving up on life, he was lost. A friend reached out to teach him meditation, the first experience of which changed him forever. Keeping the secret of what exactly happened for close to 30 years, he now openly shares it in his new book, Soul Cyphers and with the hosts of Get Conscious Now!

Get Conscious Now! August 2015: Learn to Love and Laugh with Karen Love Lee

Karen Love Lee, Consciousness Coach, Comedian & Transformational Speaker, shares her transformation from suicidal to self-love and stand-up comedy. Learn how to override fear, gain clarity, align your subconscious and conscious minds and connect with high vibrational levels from the pure, unadulterated Source in order to become a miracle magnet. Most of all, enjoy laughing along the way.

Get Conscious Now! Jan 2015: Adam C. Hall

Real estate investment manager and author of “The Earth Keeper: Undeveloping the Future,” Adam C. Hall joins Patricia and Stu to share his insights into consciousness and preserving nature… and doings so through a for-profit corporation! Adam is at the forefront of merging unity awareness and commerce. He’s a beautiful being who walks his talk – so check out his talk on GCN! And, yet another consciously-witty Stu’s Views and profound Quantum Quotes segment tops off this engaging episode.

Get Conscious Now! July 2014 Rabbi Arthur Gross-Schaefer

Rabbi Arthur Gross-Schaefer joins Patricia and Stu in a lively and entertaining conversation about consciousness and religion. Rabbi Arthur is also an attorney, CPA and college professor of business ethics, so we’re talking practical applications of consciousness and religion, not just theory. Stu’s Views and Quantum Quotes segments complete a thoroughly though provoking conversation!

Season 2, Episode 3: Special Guest Deepak Chopra

Season 2, Episode 3: Special Guest Deepak Chopra. Best-selling author and of one Time Magaizine’s 100 most influential people of the 20th Century, Deepak Chopra shares his vast depth of wisdom on conscious aging, longevity and the true nature of our physical reality. Powerful and powerfully entertaining! As always, Stu’s Views and Quantum Quotes cap off a brilliant program!

Season 1, Episode 8: Special Guest Deepak Chari

Season 1, Episode 8: Special Guest Deepak Chari. Co-founder of the Chari Center of Health in Santa Barbara, CA, Deepak Chari joins Patricia and Stu to share his findings on releasing our limiting negative beliefs through an advanced bio-communication system. Deepak’s innovative approach releases these subconscious limiting beliefs which affect our confidence, finances, health and relationships. These previously difficult to access unconscious beliefs can now be quickly and easily transformed with this leading-edge system so we can experience greater success, happiness and peace of mind.

As always, lively and thought-provoking Stu’s Views and Quantum Quotes segments round out this vibrant and informative program.

Season 1, Episode 7: Special Guest Jackie Lapin

Season 1, Episode 7: Special Guest Jackie Lapin. Author of “Practical Conscious Creation”, Jackie Lapin joins Patricia and Stu to share seven steps of conscious manifestation in the most pragmatic terms. Jackie was one of the first national female sportswriters and is a world class media relations expert, working with such luminaries as Don Miguel Ruiz. Lively Stu’s Views and Quantum Quotes segments round out this vibrant and relevant program.

Season 1, Episode 6: Special Guest Kim Castle

Season 1, Episode 6: Special Guest Kim Castle. Co-founder of Brand U and creator/host of KimTV, Kim Castle joins Patricia and Stu to share how the power of “tingle” brings greater consciousness (and effectiveness) into one’s marketing, branding and life itself. Kim is also a former stand up comic and TV show co-host, so the conversation is engaging as well as informative!