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Get Conscious Now! Jan 2015: Adam C. Hall

Real estate investment manager and author of “The Earth Keeper: Undeveloping the Future,” Adam C. Hall joins Patricia and Stu to share his insights into consciousness and preserving nature… and doings so through a for-profit corporation! Adam is at the forefront of merging unity awareness and commerce. He’s a beautiful being who walks his talk – so check out his talk on GCN! And, yet another consciously-witty Stu’s Views and profound Quantum Quotes segment tops off this engaging episode.

Season 2, Episode 4: Special Guest Rinaldo Brutoco

Season 2 Episode 4: Special Guest, Rinaldo Brutoco. Founder of the World Business Academy, Rinaldo Brutoco shares his wisdom on conscious business practices, and specifically conscious energy and environmental policy with Patricia and Stu. Instrumental in the closing of the San Onofre nuclear power plant, Rinaldo is currently spearheading the California Moonshot project that would have California run 100% renewable energy and be fossil fuel-free within 10 years – at no cost to consumers! Yes, it’s possible!