Future Guests

Barbara Marx Hubbard

Co-founder and President of the Foundation fo Conscious Evolution, a non-profit organization dedicated to understanding, communicating and empowering humanity’s capacity for self and social evolution.
Author: Conscious Evolution

Gregg Braden

Scientist, visionary and scholar who ventures beyond the traditional boundaries of science and spirituality, offering meaningful solutions to the challenges of our time.
Author: Awakening to Zero Point

Elisabet Satouris, PhD

An evolution biologist who is an expert in Living System Design and author of several books that show the relevance of organizational design in businesses, government and global trade.
Author: Earth Dance: Living Systems in Evolution

Annie Longsworth

Global Sustainability Practices Leader of Cohn & Wolfe.  According to Longsworth, the three traditional pillars of consumer branding are: Trustworthiness, Caring about he Customer, and Product Quality.  Now she introduces a new 4th pillar, Environmental Consciousness.  This is a sea of change in branding that has occurred rapidly with environmental consciousness moving up from a ninth place ranking of importance along surveyed consumer to number four in just two years.

Peter Fraser

Chief Scientific Office of Nutri-Energetics Systems, Fraser is also an expert in traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, homeopathy and Ayurveda.  Not content with the western medical model, he continued his research and is credited with his visionary work of mapping the human body – field, based on the latest discoveries arising from quantum theory and biophysics.  Fraser has been involved in many subsequent research projects and helped formulate advanced concepts that reveal the principles of information transfer with biological systems. Prominently featured in the film, The Living Matrix, a film on the new science of healing…informational medicine.

Anne Adams

Owner of ACS Management Consulting Firm, which is committed to transforming eduction and business through integral education.  Developing and integrating the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual intelligences is essential to the evolution of our consciousness and our species.  Educating the whole person transforms every aspect of our lives.  Bringing business and education together to create a systemic, integral education curriculum for the 21st century.

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