Get Conscious Now TV! Sponsor Package

Stu Zimmerman and Patricia Diorio

Stu Zimmerman and Patricia Diorio

Some of the Get Conscious Now! crew

Some of the Get Conscious Now! crew

Our Vision: Informative, provocative and entertaining, Get Conscious Now! is a nationally syndicated television talk show that is dedicated to making a global impact to build a better world by raising consciousness.

Our Mission: To explore the true nature of our physical reality and its practical implications for living a more mindful and enjoyable life. We are dedicated to exploring the many shifting paradigms that are occurring today, offering a wide range of today’s most compelling topics. In addition to science and spirituality, the show also addresses what it means to be conscious in the areas of business, finance, health, medicine, politics, the arts and more.

When: Monthly Television Shows broadcast on TV Stations in dozens of markets across America and around the world on YouTube.

Contact Information: Patty DeDominic, Executive Producer
Business Phone: 1-805-565-9967
Cell Phone: 1-805-453-7490
Email: Patty@GetConsciousNow.com
Website: www.GetConsciousNow.com

Apply to be a sponsor on Get Conscious Now TV!

Features of being a sponsor:

Ad space is in six places:

  • Website
  • Social media sites
  • YouTube Channel
  • Award Winning Television Show
  • Newsletter
  • Special Events

Benefits of being a sponsor:

  • Exposure to conscious and aware audiences looking for ways in which they can participate in positive change personally and in their communities, nationally and even internationally
  • Hundreds of thousands of YouTube views.
  • Currently broadcast in more than 18 U.S. Markets airing two to five times each week.
  • Your Brand Extended and Aligned with Conscious Thinkers
  • National (through Public Access Affiliates) and International Exposure (YouTube and online distribution)
  • Evergreen Exposure on YouTube, Facebook, and the GCN Website.
  • YouTube and Social Media promotions
  • Spots on the TV show

Spot options:

1. Package of Five

  • Two fifteen second spots per show: One in the beginning, and one in the end.
  • Show is usually aired four times per week in 18 markets as of 2015.
  • 32 spots per month in Santa Barbara.
  • Static artwork displayed for fifteen seconds with a voice over, or
  • A fifteen second video which is provided by the client to air on the show.
  • Package is for five months: $2,000 per show/month for a total of $10,000.

2. For Website Banner Advertising, please inquire.
To apply, please contact Patty DeDominic, our Executive Producer:
Address: 2353 East Valley Road, Santa Barbara, CA 93108
Business phone: 1-805-565-9967
Cell phone: 1-805-453-7490
Email: Patty@GetConsciousNow.com
Website: getconsciousnow.com

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