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Get Conscious Now! July 2015: It Takes Guts to Be Happy with Julia Loggins

Noted toxicologist and wellness professional, Julia Loggins joins Patricia and Stu to share the scientific findings of the link between a healthy digestive system and happiness. She discusses the impact of sugar, protein and alkalinity on our health and happiness that appear in her new book, “It Takes Guts to be Happy”. Lively conversation that will leave you… happier and healthier!

Season 1, Episode 5: Special Guest Julia Loggins

Season 1, Episode 5: Special Guest Julia Loggins. Julia Loggins, former wife of singer Kenny Loggins and author of “Dare to Detoxify”, joins Patricia and Stu to discuss how we can raise our consciousness through detoxifying our physical bodies. Specifically, Julia shares the benefits of colon hydrotherapy, shedding light on a most provocative subject!