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Get Conscious Now! December 2015: Conscious Wealth with Seth Streeter

CEO of Mission Wealth, Seth Streeter shares his insights Patricia and Stu concerning the true nature of wealth and living an inspired life. Informative, practical, transformational… and entertaining! Get Conscious Now! also makes an evergreen appeal for financial support to take the program to the next level. We appreciate your support!!!

Get Conscious Now! November 2015: Soul Shifts with Dr. Barbara De Angelis

Best-selling author and a “mother of the personal growth movement”, Dr. Barbara De Angelis shares her insights and practices of vibrational presence with Patricia and Stu in this enlightening episode. If you want to live a richer, more delicious life NOW, this program is for you!!! And, of course, on point segments of Stu’s Views and Quantum Quotes provide the icing on this most tasty program. Bon Appetit!

Get Conscious Now! October 2015: Being Aware with Lisa Garr

TV and Radio Host Lisa Garr joins Patricia and Stu to discuss how awareness can change our lives individually and collectively. We also explore the power of the media to accelerate human evolution. This program is dedicated to a trailblazer in conscious media and Lisa’s personal mentor, Wayne Dyer.

Quantum Quotes: Seek Love Within

“Seek love: if you can’t find it, look within your own heart first. If you stumble on your way, let hope be your guide. If you become lost, let faith help you find your way back.”
Robert Clancy

Kitty and Patricia DiorioI believe that the most important work we can ever do in life is to love ourselves and to love ourselves first and foremost. Loving others and being open to receiving love from others must begin with Self love, in my opinion.

Often lessons in learning to love ourselves come in unexpected ways, in my case through my kitty, Joy Lovie. Before I tell you the whole story, let me share a very intimate piece of my personal history that some of you may relate to… Continue reading

Spike Humer

Spike Humer

For twenty-five years, Spike Humer has been at the forefront of formulating innovative personal growth and transformational strategies for individuals, entrepreneurs, and organizations around the world.

He is an acclaimed author, speaker, thought-leader, and creator of “the 10 Day Turnaround”, “Rapid Success Technologies”, “The Overnight Entrepreneur” and “The Book of the Soul” seminars, book, and workshop series.

Spike has been at the forefront and a cutting-edge expert in the areas of NLP, Hypnosis, Personal Performance Engineering and other patterns and methodologies for success and performance enhancement.

Spike’s been a featured speaker at seminars and performance acceleration workshops throughout North America, Asia, Australia and Europe. Sharing the stage and program platforms with such business luminaries and thought-leaders as Tony Blair, Chet Holmes, Stephen M.R. Covey, Seth Godin, Dr. Kevin Hogan, Mark Victor Hansen, John Assaraf, Rich Schefren, and others, Spike has been applauded for his proven performance-boosting methodologies and ‘real-world’ strategies for creating instant and lasting change.

As a performance enhancement adviser, business consultant, and turnaround and transformation expert Spike ranks among the world’s greatest thought-leaders and results producing authorities.